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Contoh Narrative Text : Legend of Telaga Warna

Legend of Telaga Warna

Long long ago, there was a kingdom in West Java. The kingdom was ruled by a king entitled His Majesty Prabu.

Prabu was a kind and shrewd king. But it was a pity that Prabu and his queen hadn't got any children. The ruler often bawled. That was why Prabu went to the jungle. There he prayed to God every day, begging for a child.

A couple of months later, the ruler got with child. Nine months subsequent, a princess was born. Prabu and ruler loved their beautiful female child so much. They provided whatever she liked. It made Princess turn into a very ruined girl.

One day, the princess commemorated her 17th anniversary party. Many persons accumulated in the castle. Then, Prabu took out a necklace which was made from gold and jewel.

"My beloved daughter, today I give you this necklace. Please, wear this necklace," said Prabu.

Narrative Text -Telaga warna

"I don't want to wear it! It's ugly!" yelled the princess. Then she chucked the necklace. The attractive necklace was broken. The gold and jewels were disperse out on the floor. Everybody couldn't say any thing. They not ever considered that their beloved princess would do that fiendish thing. In their silence, persons perceived the queen bawling. Every woman felt miserable and started bawling, too. Then, everyone was bawling. Then, there was a miracle. Earth was bawling.

abruptly, from the below ground, a spring emerged. It made a pool of water. Soon, the location became a big lagoon. The lagoon finally sank the kingdom.

Nowadays, people called the lagoon "Telaga Warna". It means "Lake of Color". On a bright day, the lagoon is full of hue. These colors come from shaded of plantation, plants, blossoms, and atmosphere around the lake. But some persons said that the colors are from the princess's necklace, which disperses at the bottom of the lake.

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